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MergeStat's mission is to enable operational analytics for software developers. We believe there is value in treating the processes of software development as data, and in so doing allow developers, teams and organizations to be more effective in their every day work.

We recognize that software development is often more art than science, and that there can be a great deal of nuance and variation in how different developers, teams and organizations behave. As such, we try to minimize prescriptiveness as much as possible.

MergeStat should be as neutral as it can in the use-cases it enables. We of course want to be useful, but we don't want to prescribe how to be useful. We should avoid making value judgements about the data MergeStat accesses and presents. In other words, we should be descriptive and not prescriptive.

For example, we want to avoid concepts such as "productivity," "velocity," and other qualities (which are often subjective and dependent on circumstance). Instead, we want to empower developers and teams to use data to support their own definitions of higher level concepts, based on what they care about or what matters to their circumstances.