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Terraform Meets SQL to Secure Cloud Infrastructure ☁️

Patrick DeVivo

In this post we'll show how MergeStat can be used in conjunction with tfsec, a static analysis tool for terraform, to secure cloud infrastructure 🛡️.

As a reminder, MergeStat accesses git repos, runs an analysis on them, and stores the results in SQL for downstream querying and operationalization:

Banner describing MergeStat Banner describing MergeStat

Our integration with tfsec can be used to build a report in Grafana that surfaces terraform IaC issues and misconfigurations. The end result here is a TFSec Grafana dashboard that can be explored and filtered, based specifically on what you're looking to target. The dashboard looks like this:

Grafana example screenshot

This dashboard is available as a JSON export here and should be easy to expand on!

The Setup

To begin scanning IaC repos with MergeStat, you'll need a MergeStat instance. You can start locally by following these instructions to get a Docker Compose instance running.

You'll also want to add the sync to your MergeStat instance:

Add sync screenshort

Once this sync has been scheduled and has run:

Screenshot of the tfsec sync running

You should see a new view available to query: tfsec_repo_issues:

-- returns all issues found by tfsec for a given repo
SELECT * FROM tfsec_repo_issues;

Screenshot of tfsec SQL query

And that's it! You have output from tfsec stored in your PostgreSQL database. Query it from MergeStat, check out the Grafana board, or plug in another BI/SQL tool.

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