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Announcing V2: Extract & Sync Anything 🚀

Patrick DeVivo

We're thrilled to announce the release of MergeStat v2, a completely new approach to extracting and syncing data from Git repositories and into SQL! 🎉

v2 banner image

MergeStat's mission has always been to enable anyone to ask and answer questions about anything involved in building and shipping software. Today we're taking a major step closer to that reality, by supporting container-based syncs.

That means all the data sources MergeStat supports are now defined as OCI containers, and live in a separate repo: mergestat/syncs.

By externalizing our sync implementations, adding and using new data sources is now much easier. This means working with data from open-source code scanners such as gosec can be implemented outside the main MergeStat repo!

Screenshot of repo syncs

Check it out! 🚀

For example, we recently added a new sync for GitHub Dependabot data in this new container-based approach, allowing for queries on Dependabot alerts across repos.

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