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Patrick DeVivo

AskGit, the command line tool for querying git repositories with SQL, is now called MergeStat (the command is now mergestat) and you can find our new home on GitHub at mergestat/mergestat and our new homepage at

This is also the first post on our new blog and dedicated documentation site, welcome! 🎉

Why the change?

In short, to decenter git from our name. AskGit has carried us a long way as a tool focused on querying the history and contents of git repositories, and that functionality remains a core part of what we're building. However, as we look towards what's next, much of what we hope to make accesssible via our SQL environment is the ability to query software development in general, not just git repositories. That being said, git remains the backbone of so much of software development anyway, and as such, remains a key part of our project.

MergeStat is an allusion to our deep tie to git data (source code and commit history), but also is meant to convey the "bringing together" of a broader array of data sources we will be supporting.

Join us on Slack

We're also launching a new dedicated Slack Community - come hang out with us there - bring questions and any interesting queries!