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Patrick DeVivo

Today we're excited to announce the availability of in-app SQL querying in the latest versions of MergeStat! 🎉

Illustration of the Query UI

One of the more significant pain points noted by our early adopters has been the need for external tools to access the data MergeStat provides, even for simple, one-off queries. Many users (ourselves included) lean on existing data products such as Grafana, Metabase and Superset to consume MergeStat data (in dashboards, alerts and reports).

With the addition of our query interface (in the Queries tab of our management console), MergeStat users can now execute SQL directly in our app.

Query results can be copied or downloaded as CSV or JSON, for quick use in other tools and contexts. We believe this is a significant step-forward in our app's functionality, and will continue to invest in this area of our management console. Keep a lookout for additional features, including:

  • Saved and examples queries
  • Inline schema documentation and editor auto-completions
  • Basic charting and data visualization
  • Query execution history

It's important to note that as always, the MergeStat PostgreSQL database can be connected directly to by BI tools, desktop SQL clients, or SQL drivers.

Check out the latest MergeStat release to get started!

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