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Basic Git Queries

The following examples show simple queries that make use of the git tables.

Listing commits

List all commits in the currently checked out history:

SELECT * FROM commits('')

We're specifying the HTTP git repo as an argument to the commits table-valued function, by passing it as the first parameter. In the CLI, if you supply the --repo flag or if the current working directory is a git repo, commits (and other git tables) will use that repo instead.

SELECT * FROM commits -- repo is derived from context such as the --repo flag or the current directory

List all commits from a specific history

SELECT * FROM commits('', 'some-other-branch') -- list commits of a specific branch
SELECT * FROM commits('', 'COMMIT_SHA') -- list commits starting from a commit hash

Passing an empty string ('') as the first parameter to most git tables indicates that the default repository should be used (which is inferred from the context, such as the current directory or the --repo flag). This can be necessary when an additional parameter is passed, but you want to infer the repository.

List all commits by a specific author

By email
-- All commits from authors with '' email addresses
SELECT * FROM commits('') WHERE author_email LIKE ''
-- All commits from author with a specific email address
SELECT * FROM commits('') WHERE author_email = ''
By name
SELECT * FROM commits('') WHERE author_name LIKE '%Patrick%'

Listing refs

See here for more context on git references.

SELECT * FROM refs('')

Branches only

SELECT * FROM refs('')
WHERE type = 'branch'
-- select all branches and the timestamp of their last commit
SELECT, author_when
FROM refs, commits
WHERE type = 'branch' AND commits.hash = refs.hash

Tags only

SELECT * FROM refs('')
WHERE type = 'tag'
-- version tags only
SELECT * FROM refs('')
WHERE type = 'tag' AND name LIKE 'v%'

Listing files

The files table valued function lists all the files in a given commit tree. It can be joined with the commits table to traverse the files in the history of a repository, across many commits.

SELECT * FROM files('')

This can be an expensive query if * is used, as the contents columns contains the full contents of a file. This can cause problems in memory constrained execution environments, especially if you're returning many files over many commits.

List all file paths in all commits

-- second parameter indicates what commit tree to list files from
SELECT commits.hash, files.path FROM commits, files('', commits.hash)