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HTTP / SSH Authentication

In order to sync data from any remote git host (like self-hosted Gitea instance or plain ssh servers), follow these steps:

  1. Create a new provider using the generic git option

New generic git provider

  1. After creating the provider run the following query (either using psql or the built-in query panel):

    SELECT mergestat.add_service_auth_credential('<provider>', 'BASIC_AUTH', '<username>', '<credential>', '<secret>');

    Use either BASIC_AUTH (for http) or one of RSA, DSA or ECDSA (for ssh) credentials with the provider.

    Here, <provider is the unique identifier for the new provider (which you can find in the browser's address bar) and <secret> is the value for the ENCRYPTION_SECRET environment variable.

    If you run into errors about unknown vendor / credential type, execute the following statements:

    INSERT INTO mergestat.vendors (name, display_name, description) VALUES 
    ('git', 'Generic Git', 'Access to any git repositories');

    INSERT INTO mergestat.service_auth_credential_types (type, description) VALUES
    ('RSA', 'Authentication using RSA Private Keys'),
    ('DSA', 'Authentication using DSA Private Keys'),
    ('ECDSA', 'Authentication using ECDSA Private Keys'),
    ('BASIC_AUTH', 'Authentication using plain username/password pair');
  2. Now use the UI to add new repositories to the newly registered provider

    • For http use either http:// or https:// or git:// as the url scheme
    • For ssh use ssh:// as the url scheme