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Running Locally

Start by cloning the mergestat/mergestat repository to a local directory. cd into the root of the repository and run:

docker-compose up

That should be sufficient to bring up a local instance of MergeStat 🎉. To access the management console, visit http://localhost:3300/, and you should see a login screen:

MergeStat login UI

In order to login, you will need to authenticate with a database user. By default, use postgres as the username and password as the password (this is configured in the docker-compose.yaml file). Now you can begin adding Git repositories, by adding a Git Source to start 🎉.

MergeStat add Git Source page


If you want to use MergeStat on private GitHub repos, automatically sync repos from a GitHub org, or use any GitHub API sync types, you will need to add a GitHub personal access token in the settings area (https://localhost:3300/settings).